Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Finds at Hallmark Store!!!

It is that time again when the after Christmas bargains are a miniaturist dream for the pickings. LOL.. Well I recently went to my local store and found a couple of nice bargains. the first is a vintage television set that shows "The Andy Griffith Show" and who doesn't remember Gomer as his Golly famous saying and Barney. Well I was a little girl and really didn't watch the show much but do remember the theme song and the famous whistling.. Well this television actually plays the theme song.. Nice!!!

The second find was the 27th in the series of collectible houses. This one is a beauty ( but aren't they all). It is called A Colonial Christmas. I have posted both a front and back view. The first floor is a living room with the Christmas tree and the second floor is the bedroom. You can surely add things to the scenes using BPF that are sold at local dollhouse shops or online.

The both were currently 50% off (could be more off at your local Hallmark store). I was lucky enough to find the last one of these houses at my store on the shelf. It was as if it was waiting for me to come and get it. I was happy it was there seeing that I wanted it from the first time I laid eyes on it when they were just stocking the ornaments on the shelves for Christmas.

I hope that you find some goodies at your local Hallmark store's after Christmas sale. If you do please drop me a line with what goodies you were able to find and how much of a bargain you were able to find.

Until later.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thrilling Tuesday!! I just had to share

I don't know any other reason that I decided to call it Thrilling Tuesday, but because I was thrilled today and it is Tuesday..LOL

Now for the reason that I was thrilled... I am really not a hat making person , but decided to make some hats for a swap that I joined. I hope that if anyone is in this swap that they are not looking at this right now.. Sorry!!!

I was very pleased with the way that they came out and I hope that everyone that is in the swap is as pleased as I am. It is called a Chapeau Hat and I thought that my version came out so nicely. As you can see my Chapeau Hat model is very happy with her new hat. You have seen her modeling my hats before and she really was looking forward to getting a new hat. I had promised her a new one a while ago and just got around to it.

I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did making it. My model and I would love to hear your comments.. Thanks in advance and I hope that you had a Thrilling Tuesday in some way as well today...

Until next time..