Sunday, March 29, 2009

New McDonalds Toy

Well after a little trip to McDonald's to get a little something to eat and find out what the kids meal toy was. You know something that I might be able to use in a miniature setting someday (yeah, I can see some of you laughing..but I know you really know what I mean). I found the only female and human toy from the new Dreamworks movie Monsters vs Aliens "Ginormica". I think that she is perfect for using as a teenage girl and then you can cut the cars off her feet and use them for toys in a toy shop or another miniature setting.. Hurry, because as the only toy that can be really considered for a little girl you know that she is going to be the first to go and she is the first in the series too.. Hurry and run to your local McDonald's and get your toy too..

This is all for now, signing out...



  1. That's a good idea. Will have to send the husband to do that. I have allergic reactions to McDonald's meats. :-/

  2. I just threw out this miniature tree! What was I thinking! Lol! You are definitely making me look at things differently. I'll be sure to keep an eye out. Welcome to blogging and looking forward to reading more of your stuff sis!

  3. Hi MiniKat,

    Send hubby running to McDonald's because I got the last two girls at my local McDonald's. They were full of the boy type toys but I was not interested in those. I knew that toy would go quickly..