Monday, April 13, 2009

After Easter Entry....Part 1

I hope that everyone has had a blessed Easter. Momma was camera shy to take a picture yesterday for the blog, but she allowed a picture to be taken today.
She also let me take pictures of her two new Easter bonnets that I made for her to wear on Easter Sunday. She would love to know what you think of her hats.. Above is the back of her first hat and below is the front.. Handmade flowers by me...

This is the back of bonnet #2 and below is the front..


  1. I love those hats. Couldn't you talk Momma into modelling them? Great job.

  2. Thanks Doreen.. I will try to talk her into it tonight. I will post at least one pic with her wearing both hats..Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Pearl, this is a great site. You've done some very creative work here. Well done.

  4. Hey Chica, I'm loving the hat. Great work!

    Mini Hugs,

  5. Thanks Melanie.. The second hat won a small prize yesterday at the joint club miniature tea event that was hosted by the Jersey Shore Miniature Society.. I will be blogging about this event tomorrow..I had a blast and I don't even drink tea...LOL

  6. Thank you Donna for checking out my blog and I am happy to have as you stated "creative work" posted for your enjoyment. It is a pleasure to have others see my work. I am trying to be more creative.