Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.....

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate..

I just wanted to to share my Christmas at PopPops with you all. I made this scene and it all was focused around the tree. The tree was the first miniature that I chose for the room. I let the room tell me how it wanted the tree to be portrayed and I was pleased with how this three day project turned out. I actually had finished it on Christmas day. I didn't think that I was going to, but was glad and proud that I did.

The scene is PopPop has his granddaughter Samantha over on Christmas day and she is just in love with all the gifts that PopPop has given her in her wagon, but she doesn't realize the real true gift is under the table with a bow around her neck just waiting for her to realize that she is there. PopPop was wondering how he was going to keep the gift a surprise and decided to keep the pup entertained by feeding her so he was pleased that she was hungry and has stayed..LOL

The fireplace lights up, just as the two wall sconces on the wall does. PopPop wants to state that his tree was straight before he had an episode with the pup right before Samantha's arrival so he couldn't fix it. It was leave the tree in it's state or ruin the surprise of the pup for Samantha. He went for the obvious choice since it doesn't seem that she even noticed the tree. :) Sorry!!

I want to wish all a blessed Christmas from me and my family to you and yours. PopPop and Samantha wants to wish you a Merry Christmas as well and would love to see your comments on their place. Thanks...



  1. is a delightful scene, congratulations!
    I like the smile of man, gives a sense of Christmas joy!
    the joy of seeing our children happy!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. It is a lovely Christmas scene. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Natalia

  3. Caterina-

    Thank you so much. PopPop is pleased that you enjoyed his day with his granddaughter as much as he did.. Thanks again.

  4. Natalia-

    I am glad that you enjoyed it. You are welcome and Happy Holidays to you.

  5. Love the scene and the story line. Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to create my own little Christmas scene.....

  6. Pearl, what a delightful scene! I love all the details including the yummy food just waiting to be eaten!

  7. Merry X.mas to you and your family, Your scene is lovely , thank you for sharing !

    Have a happy 2011, God Bless.


  8. Pearl: This is prescious; love the story line. Special bonding between PopPop and gddtr w/new puppy.

  9. Anonymous-

    Thank you for the wonderful comment.It is really nice when your plans become reality. I am glad that I have been able to inspire you to create your own scene.. I hope that you send me a picture of it when you are done.. I would love to see it..

  10. Barb M.-

    Thank you. I am glad that my scene could delight you.

  11. Cecilia-

    Thank you.. Happy Holidays to you and your family..

  12. Linda-

    I really loved making this scene and knew that I wanted it to be a grandfather and his granddaughter scene after I saw the dolls in my stash.. It went perfectly and I knew that it was something relate-able. Thanks, glad you enjoyed my scene..

  13. It is lovely Pearl, I love your little Santa or Elf but the piece I like most which has nothing to do with Christmas is the peacock firescreen.

  14. Your blog is terrific. I love this scene.
    I hope that you had a great holiday, and will
    find many pleasures in the new year.

  15. This a great scene Pearl. You should post more of your creations. Your work is great.

  16. Elga-

    Thank you.. The peacock really is not a firescreen. My girlfriend went to her first dollhouse show a few years ago with me and she was asking me about which of three peacocks would be nice for her dollhouse and I picked that one. She then surprises me with with the peacock. When I was making the scene I figured the peacock would look great as a firescreen and tada a modern aged firescreen..LOL

  17. Susan-

    Holiday wishes to you. I hope that 2011 finds blessings filling your life as well. I am glad that you enjoyed my scene.

  18. Tanya-

    Thank you for your kind words. I will be trying to post more of my creations. I hope that you will continue to look for my creations.. ;)

  19. Hi,

    Very nice!You have many details in your room. Where did you get your PopPop? The same figure was used in a toy shop in the museun in MI.

    April Gill
    Wildwood Dollhouse

  20. The puppy is great & i love the wreath. I made those in real size.

  21. April-

    Thank you very much for viewing my scene. I got PopPop(actually Vernon)years ago. He is a Artisian Flair doll but they no long make him. You can get it through Hobby Builders Supply. Thanks again and I hope that you continue to enjoy my blog and up coming scenes..

  22. Robyn-

    I love that pup myself and knew that he just had to be a gift in the scene. The wreath was given to me in a swap years ago and if you are the person that made it please leave me a message so that I can give you credit. Thanks again Robyn.

  23. Pearl your room box is fabulous! I love it all but if I had to pick my favorite part, it would have to be the puppy with the big red bow! I am glad to see you have your mini mojo back :) I am looking forward to seeing your next roombox. You know which one I am talking about.... wink wink. Happy Holidays

  24. Melanie-

    Thank you..You know how hard I have been dealing with my mini mojo. :( I am reeving up for 2011 to be more creative and prosperous for myself and all my mini friends. You will see it very soon and Happy Holidays to you as well..

  25. Pearl, so glad to have found your blog. I am just catching up on email from being at my parent's and sister's for the holidays. I have loved Christmas minis for years and created parts of scenes each year for my mom's christmas displays tucked into corners of book shelves. I will be sure to send them a link to your pictures. Now that they are 88+ do not decorate very much. I think Mom feels bad that when I come home the things I made are not on display. Maybe this will inspire her to lend me the
    santas and nativities to put in a room box that would be easy to display. I can see a mountain with lots of Inns and stables below in the caves. The other would be like"how many Santas can you pack in closet"LOL.
    Thanks for the great story and inspiration.


  26. Lynne-

    I am very glad that my scene was able to inspire you. I am truly honored that you would want to show your parents my scene and I hope that showing them this will allow your mom to let you at least borrow the needed items to be able to make a display that the family will enjoy. You might be able to get a few things from her and then surprise here with a display of sort using her items. Let me know how things work out. Would love to hear what she decides. Thanks again.